The Erasing blindness blog

Hello and welcome to the Erasing Blindness Blog. It is open 24-7 so you will not be kicked out at closing time. There is no such thing as closing time here at the Erasing Blindness blog. For the most part, Google and other search engines are handy when you need to find info on something, but as a blind person, I have found that when it comes to info specific to blind people, you can spend hrs and sometimes days searching and still find nothing no matter what search term you try or how many pages you look through. I made this blog to put all the info for blind and visually impaired people in one place so that searching all over the internet for something is not required. Now that you have found this blog, your search is over. Enspite of what you may think, there are lots of blindness resources out there. The problem is that they can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Lots of this stuff I found by hrs of looking by necessity because I needed it. Other stuff I found by researching and looking for content to put on this blog. In this blog, I will post links to websites, mailing lists, podcasts and other resources that me and other people think are useful to blind and visually impaired people. I will also post links to websites, mailing lists, podcasts and other resources where people who can see can go to learn about blindness and visual impairments as well as what causes them and how to prevent them or lessen their effect on blind or visually impaired people as well as their friends, families and coworkers. I hope you find what you came here to find. Also don’t forget: when you are reading through this blog, if you find a website, mailing list, podcast or other resource that you want to go and check out, do not forget to come back here once you have looked at the thing you went to look at. I want you to be able to find more then just one thing here. If you just find one website or mailing list and go to it and you do not come back here, then you will miss out on all the other things here. When the word resource is used, it means a website, mailing list, podcast or any other content. When the word category is used, it means a page on this blog. Please send any questions, comments or complaints to Thank you for visiting this blog.